Beaver Power Tools, Callander Foundry
Guelph, ON, Canada
Manufacturer Class:  Wood Working Machinery & Metal Working Machinery

Callander Foundry & Manufacturing Co. made the Beaver Power Tools line of woodworking machinery.

The Callander Foundry was established in 1916 by Alexander (Sandy) Callander and three sons plus a silent partner. A 1917 financial crisis related to war-time inflation led to a buyout by the silent partner, but in 1920 the Callander family re-purchased ownership of their namesake business.

In their early years the company manufactured a variety of cast products in iron, brass and aluminum. In 1923 they added machining capabilities so that they could completely manufacture conduit fittings. The company grew quickly over the several years until the start of the Great Depression slowed down the economy beginning in late 1929. It appears likely that in 1933 Callander Foundry acquired the patterns and rights to the early home-shop machine designs of the Walker-Turner Co. of New Jersey: we have seen Beaver-branded machines that are clearly Walker-Turner designs, and in 1933-34 Walker-Turner replaced their entire lineup with upgraded designs.

Callander Foundry's rapid growth resumed in 1939 upon Canada's entry into World War II as the company made a variety of products for the war effort. At the war's end, the company designed a complete new line of high quality home-shop woodworking machines. The Callander Foundry was one of a great many firms that made home-shop machinery at the end of the war, but they were one of the few that survived and thrived because of the excellent quality of their machines as well as their ability to find distributors.

In 1953, owner Walter Wesley Brydges sold Callander Foundry to American conglomerate-in-the-making Rockwell Manufacturing Co., which had purchased Delta Manufacturing Co. eight years previous. In 1955 the Callander Foundry & Manufacturing Co., Ltd., was renamed to the Rockwell Manufacturing Co. of Canada, Ltd. The Beaver Power Tool facility became part of the Beaver-Delta Division of Rockwell. There was considerable overlap between Beaver's and Delta's product lines. Some of Beaver's less successful products were discontinued almost immediately but others, such as the CS 3200 bench saw, were manufactured for several years. Gradually, however, the old Beaver Power Tools were discontinued in favor of newer Delta/Rockwell designs.

The Beaver Model 3600 bench grinder was made for them by Sangamo, Ltd., a manufacturer of motors and bench grinders in Leaside, Ontario.

To summarize, here is the timeline of Callander/Beaver corporate activity.

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